Aunty's Grooming SalonAunty's Grooming SalonAunty's Grooming SalonAunty's Grooming SalonAunty's Grooming SalonAunty's Grooming Salon
Aunty's Grooming SalonAunty's Grooming SalonAunty's Grooming SalonAunty's Grooming SalonAunty's Grooming Salon
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Grooming Services

As a professional groomer, I offer shampoo and haircutting, flea treatments. Skin and moisturing treatments, I also give "pawdi-cures",

Your pet will be loved and pampered and go home looking and feeling great!

Bath and Brush includes: Being washed twice, we use a premium conditioner, specific to the type of coat and skin condition. We clean their ears and cut their nails and brush and comb their fur.

Full-Groom includes: Everything in the Bath and Brush - along with cutting of the fur. All services include: hugs and kisses to your pet.

* Anal gland expression done upon request only!! (With Bath and Brush or Full-Groom)

PRICING: Please call for Information

209.858.9041 (Fax)

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We hand dry using a velocity dryer. This is forced air that gets most of the water of out of the fur to speed up drying time. It will also dramatically help with shedding and will strip out any dead under coat, which could become matted and become painful.

We do use a kennel dryer that hangs off of the outside of the kennel, it is a cool air that is blown around the dog. It is not HOT at all!! It is NOT a special drying unit that dogs are put into.

This is done after we have gotten most of the water off the dog. We use the kennel dryer to let the pet rest before we put them on the grooming table. Some dogs need a rest before we proceed.

Grooming Times:

For Bath dogs: 4 - 6 week intervals

Haircut dogs: 6 - 8 week intervals

It is not really healthy for dogs to be washed weekly their coat needs to develop oils to keep the shine and not dry out the skin.

We believe in a positive and pet friendly environment. To ensure the safety of both pet and groomer, please let us know of any behavioral or medical problems that may arise during the grooming process.

Please Read

Dogs in poor condition, with extreme matting or very dense undercoat may be subject to higher charges. We will ask for approval before we do the work. (If we cannot reach you in a timely manner, we will not start the dog until we have heard from you.)

Very poorly behaved dogs may be subject to higher charges.

If your dog is a biter, Please! Let us know ahead of time so that we can schedule a time when it is slower and or not so many barkers.  Most dogs bite out of fear and defending its owner, or when they feel threatened it is natural for them to defend themselves.  I will try to do my best, I will muzzle only when I absolutely have to. I feel that it is too traumatic for the dog, because it can’t defend itself.

Also, bringing your dog to one specific groomer helps; they get accustomed to that person and begin to trust them.   

Mixed breeds

If your dog is a mix of two or more breeds, please refer to the breed that he or she closely resembles his/her coat type and size. Even if that breed is not part of your dog’s background. We are pretty good at telling what type of dog you may have. So the prices may change from any quote we have given over the phone or without seeing your dog.
(Quotes are not written in stone and may change upon seeing your pet)

We will call you when it is time for pick up.


At this time we do not have a cat groomer.

Stays At “The Dog House.”

If you have scheduled a stay at "The Doghouse" and you want to have your dog groomed or bathed, please make your grooming or bathing appointment 7 -10 days in advance. Please contact us at Aunty's Grooming so we may schedule your pet.

Every Dog Needs an Aunty


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